Liability & Property

Commercial Property & Liability Insurance

Commercial Property Insurance is an insurance coverage that protects properties a business owns such as building either owned or lease as well as personal assets including equipment, furniture, inventory, and tools. This insurance policy also covers assets such as computers, accounts receivable and income loss during down time due to a covered loss. Depending on the plan arrangement, the business coverage can be tailored to involve additional protection, such as valuable documents and records coverage that covers payment of reproducing vital documents, temporary storage and move records to prevent a loss in the course of business.

On the other hands, Commercial Liability Insurance is an insurance coverage that protects the third party claims to either property owned or leased by others or any bodily injury. This third party liability claims for potential loss is practically unlimited, unlike first-party property losses which have a limit to possible loss by the value of the property. In this commercial liability insurance, the insured is protected from actions that cause damage to another party.

Consequent upon the above, it is deduced that Commercial Property and Liability Insurance are designed to protect and help businesses get back up and keep running in sudden attacks or losses like thefts, fire incidents, third part injuries and other disaster strikes. It is good to know that Granite State Insurance and Risk Management has a comprehensive policy to cover this Commercial Property and Liability Insurance at most reliable and affordable price. Optionally, clients can tailor a property and liability insurance to protect unique risks or loss that are facing their businesses and make adjustment or change as needed by the businesses.