Business Owners’ Policy

Business Owners’ Policy (BOP)

A business owners’ policy which can also be referred to as BOP can be defined as a commercial insurance policy specially patterned for the purpose of small and medium-sized businesses to offer a reduce premium policy for general liability and property insurance bundling. Many small entrepreneurs purchase a business policy package called business owners’ policy (BOP). Typically, a BOP involves property insurance, liability insurance, business or continuation insurance but it offers a minimized premium and making its coverage more affordable than separately purchased policies and at the same time give the best insurance policy. However, insurance providers offer different coverage to their clients depending on their mode of services, but most of these policies need to meet business eligibility criteria to get approval.

Granite State Insurance and Risk Management offers different types of insurance policies that are handy for the majority of business professionals with small to medium-sized businesses. These policy packages represent various types of coverage packaged in one, and they are focused toward each specific industry. Let’s quickly look at different coverage of the business owner’s policies as categorized into three:

Every business either large or small needs a policy for the sustenance of their businesses in preventing and catering for unforeseen hazard and risks that may occur in business. However, it is important to procure the right coverage from the right service providers. To be on a safer side, an all-in-one package termed Business Owner’s Policy is the most advisable. Get out there today and get your BOP from the most reliable and affordable company, Granite State Insurance and Risk Management