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Commercial Fleet / Auto Insurance

Fleet vehicles can be described as an actual number of motor vehicles owned or leased by a business or company, government agency, parastatal or organization other than belonging to an individual. Vehicles owned and operated by taxicab companies, public bus companies, car rental companies, public utilities, and government agencies that have more than five cars are typical examples of fleet operators. As a company, having a reason numbers of vehicles in your fleet, commercial auto insurance has become most affordable for a fleet of commercial vehicles to make their everyday business operation a hitch-free than individual vehicle insurance.

Fleet auto insurance varies from standard auto insurance in many ways. The law backing up auto insurance for commercial vehicles varies from that of the conventional vehicle as the vehicle value is by far greater for a fleet auto insurance policy. In the case of fleet auto insurance, a private owner of a vehicle is not reckoned with but the vehicles’ owner are listed and categorized on a fleet auto insurance policy which must be a company or government agencies.